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That’s a good question! (that is the question you asked, right?) Rosco & Roy is first and foremost a humorous look at our dysfunctional United States Congress. If you disagree that it’s dysfunctional then you probably won’t enjoy this website very much. THAT’S GREAT! Please leave your comments below or on any blog post you especially disagree with.

This is not a liberally biased website aimed at bashing the conservative right. Congress is screwed up left, right, up, down, inside, and out! Congressmen/women and Senators from BOTH parties are responsible for how the legislative branch operates. Heck – they make the rules that Congress operates by! So why is it such a struggle to create reasonable, meaningful legislation these days? I’ve got few ideas on that, which is what this website will illustrate. Also, I’m hoping that YOU will contribute ideas that we can discuss as well.

The characters of Rosco & Roy DO NOT represent specific persons serving in congress (I’m looking at you Roscoe Bartlett and Roy Blunt). Rosco and Roy are characters that represent an (slightly) exaggerated view of the culture in Washington. Why does it seem to us, “The American People”, that they are so out of touch? They seem to want to do what’s best for us citizens, but only seem to fight and argue for the ideas of their respective parties. What is it that allows for this behavior to go unchanged year after year? Is it the nature of the job? Is the two party system no longer viable? Well, Rosco and Roy don’t want anything to change. Why would they? They are living a dream!

If you have any questions or comments you would like ONLY ME to read, please contact me at contact@roscoandroy.com.

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