Lights! Camera! Repeal! (Poll&Quiz)


First a POLL.

Then a QUIZ!


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3 Responses to Lights! Camera! Repeal! (Poll&Quiz)

  1. BrooklynArtist says:

    How would Michael Moore direct it? Oh, that’s right he already did.

    • Rinki says:

      Poll daddy is really great. I only found it today and love it aledary.How about a support’ blog? I realise that it’s a lot to ask you to offer support on a free product but perhaps we could help each other? I have a problem getting my poll to work in my blog on wordpress (even after following the guides) and I don’t know who to turn to.What do you think guys?

  2. Faisalnaaz says:

    Newt has pulled neck & neck in coaporasimn polls of Newt vs. Obama. I have no doubt what so ever that Newt can not just beat, but roll over BHO in 2012 and you will notice a rapidly growing number of Republicans believe just as I do. Don’t believe the left’s chant that no Republican can beat bho.

Ya know I am right. Agree below.

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