Latest Blog Post on 8th August

Jobs Created as Congress Spends $ at Home

It’s eerily quiet her at the capitol building. Except for Rep. Sean Duffy who has been sitting cross-legged in the Rotunda every day teaching himself the chords to “Call Me Maybe” on his guitar. He is one of several freshmen congressmen who have vowed to sleep in their offices instead spend some of their $174,000 annual salary on a second home in DC. Why he hasn’t gone home to Wisconsin, I don’t know. The acoustics in the in Rotunda are pretty awesome, I guess.… READ FULL POST > > >

Latest Blog Post on 10th July

Congress Lays the SMACKDOWN on Supreme Court, White House

Hi everyone. It’s been a remarkable past 3 weeks here at the Capitol! I apologize for not updating this blog sooner, but I’ve been incredibly busy taking notes at Congressional hearings, delivering memos, and filing items – such as Rep. Gutierrez’s gigantic photo of Justin Bieber – into the Legislative Archives (FYI, it’s under Immigration Law in the “J” section just after Japanese-American Internment.)

Everyone in Congress has been celebrating this past week!… READ FULL POST > > >

Latest Blog Post on 20th June

Do-Nothing Congress?! What Kind of Bizarro World are You Living In?

Hi. Welcome to my blog! My name is Jamie and I am an intern here on “The Hill”. It is an honor to be chosen to bring to the web community at large the REAL STORY about our United States Congress.

First off, I’d like to apologize for the strongly worded title of this blog post. I’m just so frustrated. And let me tell you why. Everyday, I see on the television, read in the newspapers, hear on the radio, and absorb from the internet how terrible our Congress is.… READ FULL POST > > >